Weight Loss Pills’ Effects – A Word of Caution


Weight Loss Pills’ Effects – A Word of Caution

If weight loss is your aim, no matter where you look, it seems unavoidable but to come across apparently miraculous fat burning pills or tablets of different shapes, sizes, strength and efficacy.

It can be on the internet, television, radio, or newspaper… And you’re sure to see ads and promotions detailing how great these weight loss pills are supposed to be, with the net purpose of consistently attracting new streams of buyers who want to lose weight in an instant.

If you’re one of the people who’re dying to lose weight, going for these weight loss pills would seem like the MOST practical and BEST way to achieve the loss of that fat on the hips and thighs or maybe that beer belly and show off to your friends, without having to lift a finger or sweat it out at the nearby gym or fitness center.

HOWEVER, all it takes is one close and critical look at these weight loss pills’ effects to realize that it is NOT the best way to go. There are even prescription drugs freely available on the internet, but it is advisable to bear in mind that because of the potential side effects, anti obesity drugs are prescribed when it is hoped that their benefits might outweigh the risks and otc phentermine they should be only taken under medical supervision.


You better believe it!

Weight Loss Pills’ Effects SHOCKING Fact 1

Most of these fat burning medications act as metabolism boosters.

And that means what?

That all of your body’s chemical processes spike up. And here’s the risk: Your heart could palpitate and it is harmfully affected by the temporary and artificial boosting of your metabolism! If you’re really unfortunate with these weight loss pills, you can end up with heart valve disease!

Weight Loss Pills’ Effects SHOCKING Fact 2

Another thing you must realize is that a good number of weight loss pills have as ingredients caffeine in many forms and ephedrine hydrochloride. Although ephedra has been banned by the FDA it is still contained in many “weight loss” products sold on the internet.

You’ll surely lose weight with such ingredients… BUT not without risk! You could get physically or psychologically addicted to these drugs, as many are based on amphetamines, some of the ingredients may cause you to be depressed, experience headaches, and high blood pressure, not to mention constipation, flatulence and diarrhea. Not a very good price to pay for losing weight temporarily.

There are huge amounts of fat loss pills and weight loss dietary supplements on sale, from supermarkets to the internet, most of these have not been proved as effective or safe and some are positively dangerous.

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